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Friday, July 07, 2006

4 More Things ...

1. I cannot stand it when women are referred to as "females". A "female" is what you call an animal, not a person. If you must refer to me in a gender-specific way, call me a woman. Better yet ... try calling me Toya. That would work. That's what names are for, after all ... identifying a person. 2. Even though Beyoncé's BET Awards costume looked like it was made out of aluminum foil, I have to say that "Deja Vu" is my JAM! 3. I am already disappointed in this season of Big Brother. Particularly in my beloved Kaysar. Please, GOD, don't let him become Lex. I couldn't stand my Mack from Iraq becoming someone I don't recognize. If he becomes a jerk, I will so hate him. But still secretly lust after him. Okay ... the lust won't be secret, at all, as I will be broadcasting it weekly from this very blog, complete with entire photo entries filled with my love for him. 4. My entire lunch today consisted of macaroni and cheese. And no, I don't feel guilty.


At July 07, 2006 2:18 PM, Anonymous flawless said...

Good to find another Big Brother watcher. Either no one really watches it, or they won't admit to it. I thought last night was different. All the strong personalities were just bouncing off of each other. It served Danielle right to be put up. What with all the stirring up she was doing. My entire lunch was a strawberry banana smoothie! Some mac and cheese would have gone well with it.

At July 07, 2006 4:21 PM, Blogger sparkles anonymous! said...

I HATE hearing women called "females." Ugh - instant shudder down my spine.

At July 07, 2006 5:49 PM, Anonymous chats_noirs said...

I am so with you on #1. Really gets my back up.


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