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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Product Review: MAC blush in Fleur Power

Props to the girls over at DeLush ( for getting an interview with celebrity make-up artist Carmindy of What Not to Wear fame. I love Carmindy and always like to see the transformations of the women who sit in her chair. I appreciate Carmindy's simple approach to make-up - she never packs the women's faces with pounds and pounds of cosmetics; she simply shows them a few products and techniques that will make them look like themselves, only much prettier. That is what I strive to do when I apply make-up to a client - not a makeover, just a toucher-upper, if you will. Anyway, one of Carmindy's usual recommendations is that the client use a pinky-coral blush to add a touch of fresh color to her cheeks. I'd been searching for a similar color for myself and other brown-skinned divas. I noticed that Carmindy seems to use NARS Orgasm a lot on fairer-skinned ladies and I have that and love it, even for myself, but it only produces the faintest peachy glow on me, so I know that, on darker women, it wouldn't show up at all, or, if it did, it would read as ashy, which is never attractive. Lately, I've seen her using a MAC blush (I know I'm not the only one who can tell a make-up line by its packaging, right?), but I couldn't tell which shade. I have Dollymix, which is my absolute fave because I look so pinkly pretty when I wear it, but it's a really true candy pink, not the coral I was looking for. But, yay for the ladies at DeLush, who got Carmindy to mention the exact shade - Fleur Power! Of course, I bought it posthaste and, let me tell you, it is perfect! The best cheeky coral cuteness ever! Woo-hoo! Pick it up!


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