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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hear the Word of the iPod, Part Two

It was fun the first time, so I'm gonna do it again. What is missing from my life? "So Fresh, So Clean" - Outkast Dude, I am both fresh and clean! How dare you hint otherwise??? I take a shower every day! You mean iPod! I don't like you at all anymore! Will I find love? "Sugar" - Trick Daddy, et al. Weird. This song is all about dudes "twirling a woman on their tongue", pretty much. I mean, yeah ... I like that and all, but it doesn't have much to do with love, does it? Will I become rich? "Touch" - Omarion. Hmm ... I'll touch richness. So, a little bit rich? Or something close? Or I will become rich by touching folks? Is that emotionally or physically. Or will I become rich from dancing to this song? Because I totally want to do that! Does someone have a crush on me? "Let's Stay Together" - Al Green Cool! Does this mean that my crush is my beloved Booba? He wants to "stay together" with me, doesn't he? He's cute. I heart him. What is my favorite sexual position? Again, all church members and other fellow Christians feel free to skip this answer, should your sensibilities be offended. Here goes ... "Breakdown" - Mariah Carey Hmm ... is there such a position? 'Cause I've never heard of it and it's supposedly my favorite! Am I good looking? "Baby Boy" - Beyoncé Is this saying that I look like a baby boy? Or that I'm as good looking as Beyoncé? I mean, hey ... I believe it. I think I'm darn good looking. I'd love to have Beyoncé's legs, I'll tell you that. What makes me the most happy? "Gimme That" - Chris Brown. I am quite happy when he gives me that. Meaning Vic, not Chris Brown. I mean, Chris is cute and all, but I'm not into the kids. What is my biggest regret? "Lady Marmalade" - Christina Aguilera and 'em. Well, this doesn't make sense. I did perform Lady Marmalade here at work once, but I don't regret it at all ... it was fun. Maybe my biggest regret is that I can't think of a way to convince the Kallisti girls that we should all dress up like the chicks in the video and somehow try to pass it off as "tribal fusion." Fusing bellydance and ... ho-dom? I don't know. But I think we would look hot in harlot wear. How will I die? I'm not sure I want to know the answer to this. Here goes ... "As" - Stevie Wonder??? Um ... I don't know what that means. Do I act my age? "Beauty" - Dru Hill Well, okay. Even though I'm old, I'm beautiful? Or maybe the iPod is reminding me of how young I was when I thought that "Beauty" would make a good processional for my wedding. LORD. What type of tattoo should I get? "Superstar" - Luther Vandross A tattoo of a star, huh? Like an actual star or a celebrity? A shooting star might be cool. Do I like pain? "Crazy in Love" - Beyoncé I've definitely been in pain from the craziness of love more than once. And yes ... a part of me liked it. I'm all about the drama, after all. Is there anyone else like me out there? "Whenever, Wherever" - Shakira I'd like to be able to do the things with my body that Shakira does with hers. LORD, that girl can move! Do I love to party? "Hips Don't Lie" - Shakira and Wyclef Jean. Wow, two Shakira songs in a row. I love her! And yeah ... I love partying. My hips don't lie. I can't hold them still. You should have seen me during open dancing at the last Five Seasons. Shameless. I loved every second of it. It's so fun to dance without worrying about whether I'm performing well ... just bellydancing for the heck of it. Where should I move to? "Just a Friend 2002" - Mario. Mario is from Baltimore. And the video was shot outside of the Senator Theatre. Which tells me that I'm exactly where I should be. Will I ever be president? "Fi El Awel" - Mohammed Mohie. Okay, this is from the Bellydance Superstars, Volume 3 CD. I love the song, but I have no idea what "fi el awel" even means. Somehow, I don't think a bellydancer will ever be president. Darn. What is fun for me? "Setembro" - Take 6 This was the processional at my wedding (a much better choice than "Beauty", by the way). It was fun for me to plan that. Sometimes I think I should chuck it all and become an event planner. I think I'd be good at it. Will I ever learn to fly? "All The Man That I Need" - Whitney Houston. I guess this means that I'll only ever fly the way Whitney does. And since I have no desire for the nose candy, I guess I'll never be leaving the ground without benefit of a plane. What is my superpower? "Since U Been Gone" - Kelly Clarkson. I have the amazing ability to get rid of foolish men. Will I be successful? "Baby Got Back" - Sir Mix-a-Lot. HA! I will be successful because I have large hindparts. How often do I get angry? "Shake It Off" - Mariah Carey. This is true. I'm angry quite often, but don't hold grudges very often. I'm amazingly able to shake off my anger and move on. That is, unless you continue to piss me off over and over. I'm human, after all. What is my favorite thing to do? "Butterfly" - Mariah Carey. Um, do I have an inordinate amount of Mariah on my iPod or what?


At June 07, 2006 11:44 AM, Anonymous koz said...

"Breakdown" does not sound like an enjoyable sexual position.

You can copy my shooting star tattoo. ;)

At June 10, 2006 12:02 AM, Blogger Amy said...

I'll dress up and dance to "Lady Marmalade", especially for a performance that is a little more . . . experimental. Rock the Moulin Rouge-esque burlesque look? Sure thing! Do we get to wear ruffled panties and stripy socks?


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