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Friday, June 09, 2006

28 Things About Me: The first four

In celebration of my upcoming 28th birthday, I'm going to be sharing 28 things about me that you probably don't already know. I'll post four things on seven different days. So, here are the first four! 1. I like "White girl music." I have been told by many that I have "eclectic" music tastes. So, yeah ... I don't listen to all hip-hop or the typical "urban" music. I think it's sad that Black people are only supposed to like specific types of music: rap, neosoul, R&B and Gospel. It's a huge shock or something that I have, as part of my musical collection, Alanis Morrisette, No Doubt (no, not Gwen Stefani as a solo artist - No Doubt the entire group), Nirvana, and, LORD help me, Guns n Roses. So, apparently, not only am I a White girl ... but I'm a White girl from about 1994. 2. I sing, out loud, for no reason. I can make a song out of anything, ask my husband. I make up tunes and rhymes and just start singing about the mundane things of life ... out loud ... in public places. Vic is frequently embarrassed by this. Sarai is down with the public singing, much to Vic's chagrin. Just last week, Sarai and I burst into Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson ... at our table in Outback. Vic tried to slide underneath the table as she and I delightedly sang at pretty much the top of our lungs for each other's enjoyment and the entertainment of our fellow diners. No one seemed to mind but Vic. After Sarai and I were done with our magnificent duet, she hopped down and proceeded to bellydance for her finale. I was so proud. 3. I feel funny if I don't have something hot to drink every day. Tea, coffee, latte, hot chocolate ... something. If I don't have something hot to drink, the day hasn't gone well at all ... I don't care if it's 100 degrees outside. Even when I go on Caribbean cruises, when it is undoubtedly hot, I order hot tea with breakfast. 4. Lotus told me last night that I have horse eyes. I didn't know whether to be flattered or not until she told me that she meant that I have large, beautiful, almond-shaped eyes. I went home and told Vic that I don't think he recognizes the magnificence of my horse eyes. He gave me the "huh?" look, so I told him that Lotus says I have horse eyes, to which he responded, "Is that some sort of bellydance thing?" Uh, no, Booba ... poor man. Now that I know that Lotus the Glorious thinks my eyes are beautiful, I am obsessed with looking at them. Not so coincidentally, when I was a small child (like 3 or 4), I told my Aunt Julie (while looking in the mirror at myself), "When I get older, I won't have to do a thing with my eyes." Yeah ... except wear glasses because I'm so darn nearsighted.


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