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Friday, May 19, 2006

My consultation with Lotus

So, I'll be starting private lessons with Lotus, as of next Thursday. I'm so excited! Most of the consultation was just the two of us, talking. We talked about my desires and goals and I let her know that my ultimate desire is to be good enough to have earned the title "professional." I let her know that that's my five-year goal. Her reply: "What makes you think it'll take five years?" Hee! Lotus let me know that working with her on a one-to-one basis requires a physical, mental, financial, and time commitment and asked me if I'm truly ready for all that it will entail. I am. She also made it clear that I will be working my cute little butt off. I am to come to my lesson prepared to sweat. There will also be sessions where I'll be studying DVDs and videos of native dancers, sessions where we'll spend time talking about professionalism and marketing, sessions where I'll be picking apart videotapes of my performances and lessons. Also, I have to buy an Arabic-English dictionary, as Lotus expects all of her students to be able to speak some basic Arabic. I need to know and be able to identify, the Arabic rhythms. I will have homework after each session. I will be required to do reading and research on the culture and present papers - which will be graded. Yikes! Also, she let me know that she will be entering me in shows - not for her edification, but for my own education - I will be learning by fire. She is grooming me to enter the professional bellydance world. Wow. What have I gotten myself into? I'm about to begin on the scariest and most thrilling ride of my life. I can't wait.


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