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Friday, May 05, 2006

List Friday: My 10 Favorite Wardrobe Pieces When I Was a Teenager

1. Stacked socks. Thanks for reminding me of this, Sparkles! Yes, I did stack my socks so that they matched each color of my outfit. For instance, when wearing my favorite checkered skirt (which will also make this list), which was purple, black and green, I wore at least two pairs of socks - purple and black and/or green. 2. The aforementioned skirt. It was checkered. And pleated. GOD, help me - there are pictures. 3. My boyfriend's jersey. Somehow I thought it was cool to be wearing his sports uniforms. Sad. He was such a jerk. A cute jerk, though. I actually looked at one of our prom pictures yesterday - it was from his senior prom. You could totally see my boob in it, but I never noticed until yesterday - 11 years later! 4. Anything with Mickey Mouse on it. Because he was our class mascot. There were whole days devoted to wearing Mickey Mouse paraphernalia. We were wack. 5. Tight jeans. Because no one had heard of boot-cut yet. 6. Palazzo pants. Must I even talk about it? I thought they were the height of fashion. In my senior portrait, I'm actually wearing a yellow, printed palazzo pants and vest outfit! With a cream bodysuit underneath! And people gasped when I walked into school - not because I looked a hot, buttered mess (which I did), but because they thought I looked fly. What??? 7. Body suits. See the above. I owned one in every color imaginable. Ew. 8. Mules. The pointy-toed mule was just coming into fashion. I still love them. 9. Clogs. The complete opposite of the pointy-toed mule. Yet I also loved them. Hate them now. Wouldn't be caught dead in a clog. Okay, maybe I would, but it would be because I was dead and somebody removed the fashionable shoe choice I made when alive and crammed ugly clogs onto my cold, dead feet. 10. Gold rings on every freakin' finger. Enough said. I was so Baltimore.


At May 05, 2006 9:54 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Palazzo pants: I didn't do them the first time around. I AM thinking of getting some (in woven cotton or linen) for work wear this summer. But not gauchos, no no no!

Clogs: Depending on the clog, I can like them. I have a pair from Rocket Dog that are chunky with round toes. They are the perfect "cool fall day snuggly sweater and fuzzy sock" shoe. But no, I do not think they are fashionable.

Body suits!: I had a cream colored one (wore it under a pair of overalls with combat boots), and (I may still have it) one made of a really nice thick, soft, black crushed velvet. I wore it under various old suit vests or thrifted jackets.

If I get the time today, I'll do this in my lj.

At May 05, 2006 10:00 AM, Anonymous koz said...

Body suits!!! Gahhhhh. WHAT was that? And why didn't someone just come out and call 'em what they were: Adult onesies!!

At May 05, 2006 10:36 AM, Anonymous Londa said...

HA! I love this list. We were wack, weren't we? Let's not forget my all time favorite...drum roll please....bangs that went straight in the air and were so stiff, a hurricane could blow through and it wouldn't fall! And yes, like Toya, there are pictures. Gag!

At May 05, 2006 11:36 AM, Blogger Toya said...

Adult onesies! That is *exactly* what they are! Gross!

At May 05, 2006 1:23 PM, Blogger Tonyette said...

Adult onesies, YES! ROFL! And Toya at least you had a popular mascot. '97, we had Pebbles--it was right when the first Flintsones movie came out. But it was still hard as HECK to find stuff with freaking Pebbles on it, especially stuff WITHOUT Bamm-Bamm!


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