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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Great Mascara Hunt: Day Two

Today's mascara is Avon Daring Definition Mousse Mascara - Black. Once again, I mostly use black mascara, so get used to that. I was interested in buying this mascara, first, because my friend, Yalonda, is an Avon sales rep (let me know if you want her info) and secondly, because I wanted to know if "mousse mascara" is somehow different than regular old mascara. I really like this product. I've used it for quite a few weeks now and have never had a problem with smearing, flaking or clumping. I've noticed that it does a really good job of lengthening and curling my lashes - my lashes are actually flipped up at the ends today ... NICE! One downside: It doesn't really darken or thicken your lashes. I think the "mousse" texture just isn't thick enough or something, so, if that's what you're going for, this isn't the mascara for you. Still, a nice every day look, I think. Product Rating: 7


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