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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Great Mascara Hunt: Day Six

Oh, my goodness, y'all! I think I have found it! My new favorite mascara! (Okay, besides the Almay one, which I also loved.) It is (drum roll, please) ... Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini-Brush Mascara in Soft Black!!!! I am incapable of figuring out how Maybelline could make a product as unswervingly average as "Great" Lash and get things so right with Lash Discovery. The "Soft Black" shade is black enough that it makes my lashes more defined, but not so dark that it looks like "nighttime" eyes. No clumps or gloops. My lashes are darn long and curled. I just ... I just ... I just can't form words to describe my happiness. I found Love in a Mascara Tube ... at Walgreen's for Pete's sake!!!! I am in heaven - cheap-yet-fabulous-mascara-that-induced-a-mascaragasm-heaven!!!!!! Product rating: 9, but only because I have forbidden myself to give any product a 10, because nothing is perfect.


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