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live with intention. walk to the edge. listen hard. practice wellness. play with abandon. laugh. choose with no regret. continue to learn. appreciate your friends. do what you love. live as if this is all there is. -mary anne radmacher

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Check the avatar!

This "Fairy Toya" avatar is in honor of Cathy, participant in the Faerie Fest and maker of the best fairy princess skirts ever! "Fairy Toya" is also in honor of me, who was told by Na'lani last night that my new name is "Tinkerbell" since I have this weird predisposal to raise my arms over my head and kick my foot out every time I'm supposed to spin. Of course, that is because I am a pretty, pretty princess. The fact that I was wearing one of the aforementioned fairy princess skirts at the time didn't help matters much.


At May 03, 2006 2:21 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Well OBVIOUSLY you need a tiara! :)


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