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Monday, April 17, 2006

Punky's Questions - Answered

From Punky: What is it exactly that you do? Do you enjoy it? What do you see yourself doing five years from now? Have you thought about writing a book? Are those too many questions? LOL! Hold on, girl! Gimme a second to get to all of these! It is amazing to me that someone who's known me practically her whole life has this many questions. Okay, so here goes: As you know, I am a health insurance specialist. I work in a division that really does a lot of the heavy administrative work that keeps the agency flowing smoothly. I deal with a lot of regulations which implement bills that have been passed through Congress. I do quite a bit of correspondence work. I have lots of contact with our folks who are spread around in the various regions, across the country and in areas like Puerto Rico and Guam (which are our territories, I guess). That's about as specific as I'm going to get, since I have no idea how much I'm allowed to tell without it being some kind of crazy security issue. (You know how weird the government is about revealing policy and whatnot.) I usually enjoy it. I've gotten lots of new responsibilities lately and it's interesting to learn how to do so many things and I've gotten lots of good exposure. I also like that the government makes lots of accommodations for those of us who have families. I have no idea what I'll be doing five years from now. I'm not sure that I ever really think that far. Years ago, I had a life plan mapped out, but I've diverged so far from that path, that I no longer even try. I've found that, despite my best-laid plans, GOD always has another one, so I let Him do the directing and I follow. I do hope that I am still bellydancing, that I will be an even better wife and mother, that I will be a prolific writer, that I will have become quite successful with Makeda Make-Up Artistry (in whatever I way I define "successful" at that time), and that I am enjoying my life then as much as I am now. I think all the time about writing a book. I actually started one in college - it was a requirement to graduate from the Honors program in American Studies. I'm not sure if I'll ever finish that one, though I'm still interested in the subject matter (a history of the women in my family) because it'll take a lot more research than I have time for right now. Maybe it'll be my life's work and I'll be writing it for the next twenty or thirty years before I'm done. It may be my magnum opus - we'll see. Sometimes I think that I have a billion novels inside me. Actually, I'm sure that I do. I don't know that they'll come out as whole books, though. For some reason, I think screenwriting seems more like it. Hmm ... maybe one day you'll be seeing my work on the small or big screens. Of course, Meloni thinks I should write for soaps. She may be right. Or maybe I'm the one who's going to bring moviemaking back to the grandiosity of the old days. You can never ask me too many questions. I love self-reflection. Thanks, honey! Edited because Punky actually asked more questions! Geez!! Ha! Are you and Vic looking to move anytime soon? Are there any houses for sale in your area? We are looking to move sometime soon. We're getting fed up with the homeowners' association in our area. I'm not sure where we're moving to. I'd like to move to the city. I think I'm gradually getting Vic to agree with me, thankfully. I'd love to move to the Forest Park area - I lived there for years, Kim is nearby, and there are lovely old homes there that don't cost much and could be lovingly restored. There are always houses for sale in our area - maybe everybody else's getting tired of that HOA, too.


At April 17, 2006 2:07 PM, Anonymous Punky said...

Oh ok. Thanks for answering all of my questions! :-)
Just so you know....I'm one of your "faithful readers". :-)
I was feeling Mel the other day when she fussed at you about not posting in 48 hours!
It's like when I'm sitting at work and I feel like taking a break, I say.."Let me see what Toya posted today.." I know that I usually don't respond, but I always read every word you write...even your column. I actually have a few of my co-workers reading your posts.
Well, just keep checking the "Free for All" post periodically this week. I'm sure I'll have more :-)

At April 17, 2006 2:17 PM, Blogger Toya said...

Thanks for being a faithful reader, Punky! I will try not to leave y'all hanging for that long again, though I can't promise to post faithfully on weekends. Thanks for exposing others to my writing - your support is greatly appreciated, sweetie!

I'll keep checking for more questions from you ... or your co-workers. ;-P


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