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Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Fashion

Naomi Watts: Her dress looked moth-eaten. The color washed her out - I'm so sick of that flesh-tone color that she and Nicole Kidman are always sporting ... uninteresting and it makes them look deathly pale. That dress was a monstrosity. Ludacris: Looked appropriate and sharp in black velvet - thank GOD. I love him. George Clooney: Nice, but boring. Dolly Parton: She looked like Menopause Barbie. Her lips were frozen on one side - collagen gone bad? I mean, really, Dolly ... try to go out gracefully. Goodness. Keira Knightley: Beautiful, elegant maroon. I didn't like her hair color, but the style was nice, I thought. The smoky eyes were working for me. Kudos! Michelle Williams: I usually love the use of color, but that mustard yellow did nothing for me ... or for her. The lipstick made her look like she had been punched in the mouth. Her red carpet looks this year have left a lot to be desired. Jack Nicholson: He's Jack. Jada Pinkett: I liked the color of the dress, but thought it was a boring design. And I could not believe that she came to the Academy Awards with that Goody Ouchless Elastic Band in her hair! The woman with Paul Giamatti: Looked like she was wearing a garbage bag. Will Smith: Fresh and clean. Jessica Alba: Matronly hair. Honey, don't touch up your lipstick on camera - argh! She gets 2 pts. for having a ladybug tattoo. I didn't think I liked her dress at first, but after looking at it full-length, I liked it. It was lovely and princessy. Tim Burton/Helena Bonham Carter: Why? Why do they insist on looking like they've just rolled out of bed after a good shag? It's gross. Sandra Bullock: Meh. And I'm not with the pockets on evening gowns. We aren't men - we carry purses. Felicity Huffman: Looked really skinny. Her hair barette was really pretty. I liked the top of the dress, but the bottom looked like a senior prom gown from the early 90s. Salma Hayek: Always makes me happy. Awesome, uplifted breasts! Woo-hoo! Soft wavy hair. Gorgeous blue gown. Morgan Freeman: What the hell??? I know you're old and already an Oscar winner, but was this outfit the best choice? Come on! He looked like he was on holiday. Nicole Kidman: Needs to go back to red hair - blonde is not a good look for her. Nic - back off the botox! The dress was ho-hum and she should not wear white. Terrence Howard: I LOVE him! He was really handsome and his son was extra cute. Jennifer Aniston: I thought she looked gorgeous. Her dress was extra dramatic, which I like. However, she needed more make-up and hair, I thought. And her necklace looked like she bought it at Target. Cynthia Garrett (Correspondent on red carpet - is that her name?): She looked like Xena, Warrior Princess Does Black Tie. Ugly. Rachel Weisz: A huge improvement from her Golden Globes look. A gorgeous simple black dress - Mama looked good! Jamie Foxx: Great blue shirt and his sister looked lovely. Charlize Theron: That dress was ugly and overdone. She has not been making my good list lately. What's up with you, Charlize? Besides which, you had the stink face on all night. Get a sense of humor. Joaquin Phoenix: Yum. Reese Witherspoon: Too much frou-frou. I didn't like it. What's with her silver metallic thing this year? Rachel McAdams: Looked like she bought a yellow tank dress and Bedazzled it. Lauren Bacall: Okay, I refuse to badmouth her, out of respect. Wait, I badmouthed Morgan Freeman, so here goes ... yuck. Didn't like it. At least wear some sparkly jewelry. Jennifer Lopez: Liked the golden green. Samuel L. Jackson: Always looks like Shaft and reminds me of my daddy. Lily Tomlin: The cape was a hot mess, but it looked like she had on a nice, simple black dress underneath. Meryl Streep: Always understated elegance. Loved it. Ziyi Zhang: I never like her look. Hillary Swank: Looked like she was attending a black-tie funeral. Uma Thurman: Has a beautiful neck. I think she looked lovely. Amy Adams: Too complicated and costumey.


At March 07, 2006 1:04 AM, Blogger Ericka said...

Brilliant! And even more brilliance for "Whup that trick!"

At March 07, 2006 9:56 AM, Anonymous koz said...

I have to admit I enjoyed your boy Terrence on the recap photos. :) I saw a clip of Lauren Becall. Was that like watching Dick Clark on NYE this year? Yikes.

At March 07, 2006 1:03 PM, Blogger Cinthia said...

I agree with you that Salma Hayek looked ravishing. She really looks like a goddess. Those skinny starving actresses should learn from her.

At March 08, 2006 9:09 AM, Blogger Toya said...

Koz - It was *really* uncomfortable. I have this image of Lauren Bacall as this strong dame, you know? To see her looking kind of frail and confused was weird and sad.

Cinthia - I agree!


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