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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Not even surprised anymore.

After seeing me dance during a Black History Month celebration here at work, a co-worker asked me if I would perform during our agency's Holistic Health Fair. I let her know that I am by no means a teacher, so I don't feel comfortable presenting a workshop, but if all she needs is a short performance, I'd be willing to do that. We agreed on those terms.Today, I got a phone call from her, saying that she had a question. I thought she was going to ask what music I plan to perform to or something. Instead she says, "I was presenting the plans for the Fair and was asked to make sure that you'll be dressed appropriately. You know ... covered." I was silent. After gathering my wits and calming my initial anger, I replied, "You can give them this reply: 1) They can feel free to look at the video of my performance from the BHM celebration and see how I was attired, so they have a clear idea of the kind of thing I would wear. (I was wearing a dress, rather than a bra/belt.) 2) You can tell them that, two years ago, I was part of the talent show, wherein a group of girls and I performed to "Lady Marmalade" and were all dressed like "ladies of the night" and never received a similar question about the "appropriateness of our attire." 3) I am, above all, a professional, and realize that this is where I work and I will have to continue to work with these people on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, I would never wear anything that would cause me to have to feel discomfort when being face-to-face with them in a working environment." At this point, she started hemming and hawing and back-pedaling, telling me that she knew it was a ridiculous question, but she had to follow orders.Anyway, I'm not even surprised by the question, but am irked that it was asked, considering that I've already performed at work.


At March 24, 2006 1:25 AM, Blogger Amy said...

I can both see the expression on your face AND I can hear the moment of total silence that took place before you replied. And I'm really glad I was not the recipient of that moment of silence. Good for you!


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