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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hear the words of the iPod!

So, I took this from Badger Meets World ( Looked like fun, so here goes! The premise is to answer these questions, depending upon what song comes up on your iPod when you set it to shuffle. What is missing from my life? "Be Without You" - Mary J. Blige So, what does that mean? That I'm missing more alone time - so I'm "without" anyone? Or am I missing more Mary J. Blige? Do I need more Mary J. in my life, is that what it's saying? And by that, does it mean weed? 'Cause, if so, no thank you! Will I find love? "Gold Digger" - Kanye West. I am not kidding. That actually came up. So, the iPod says I will never find love because I'm gold digger. Either that or the love of my life is a gold digger. Ya hear that, Vic??? The iPod says you're a gold digger, yo! Will I become rich? "Chicky" - Oojami. I have no idea how to interpret that answer. I will become rich by selling chickies??? Actually chickens or like, women? Because if so, no. I know it's hard out here for a pimp and I refuse to become one of them, even if that means I've condemned myself to a life of poverty. Does someone have a crush on me? "As" - Stevie Wonder. 'Kay. The bulk of that song is the word "always." Does that mean that there's always someone with a crush on me? 'Cause, if so, I'm totally willing to believe that. Heh. What is my favorite sexual position? All church members and other fellow Christians feel free to skip this answer, should your sensibilities be offended. Here goes ... "Glorious" - Martha Munizzi. Ha! The one Gospel song I have on here! I guess this means that my favorite sexual position is whatever one I'm in with my husband ... you know, the only man GOD wants me to be having sex with. LOL! Am I good looking? "My All" - Mariah Carey. Huh? I'm as good looking as Mariah Carey? Or is it that Mariah Carey "gives her all" to try to look as good as me? What makes me the most happy? "Rock With You" - Michael Jackson. Well, rockin' does make me happy ... as does Michael Jackson. What is my biggest regret? "Let's Stay Together" - Al Green. Hmm ... yeah, I do regret some of the dudes I stayed with for way too long. How will I die? I'm not sure I want to know the answer to this. Here goes ... "Don't Cha" - The Pussycat Dolls Heh??? It's teasing me! "Don't cha wish you knew???" Do I act my age? "Shake It Fast" - Mystikal Ha! I'm too busy shaking my booty to act my age! What type of tattoo should I get? Cool question, since I'm thinking of getting a new one. "Sugar (Gimme Some)" - Trick Daddy." How does one get a tattoo of sugar? Do I like pain? "Candy Rain" - Soul For Real Another one that makes no sense. Unless one would call listening to cheesy 90s R&B painful. It which case, it hurts so good! Is there anyone else like me out there? "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" - Michael Jackson Again ... love the Whacko Jacko. Although I hope this doesn't mean that I'm in any way "like" him. I guess it would be "startin' somethin'" to have too many Toyas running around. Do I love to party? "Baby Boy" - Beyoncé and Sean Paul. Well, that's definitely a partying song. I guess that counts as a "yes." Where should I move to? "Thriller" - Michael Jackson. So, apparently, I should either move to a haunted house or the Neverland Ranch. Will I ever be president? "Whenever, Wherever" - Shakira. Yay! So I could be President whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted! Yay for me!!! What is fun for me? "Word Up!" - Cameo Well, I do like words a lot - writing is definitely fun for me. As is dancing to Cameo. And red codpieces. Will I ever learn to fly? "Milkshake" - Kelis. Huh? I'm as likely to fly as a milkshake is? What is my superpower? "So Amazing" - Luther Vandross. Ha! I'm so amazing that I don't have just one superpower! Will I be successful? "Careless Whisper" - Wham! Although I love this song, I don't like this answer. "I'm never gonna dance again ..."??? No indeed! I intend to dance forever! Shut it, George Michael, you fine yet dismayingly gay man! How often do I get angry? "September" - Earth, Wind & Fire. Only in September? Yeah, right. What is my favorite thing to do? "All This Love" - El Debarge. Lovin' is definitely my favorite thing to do.


At April 02, 2006 3:37 AM, Anonymous Ericka said...

I'm going to do that. And I'm also going to borrow some of your song choices. They're good and some I'd forgotten. Do you have "Nite and Day" by Al B. Sure, though? Gotta get it. And you must have Bobby Brown's "Don't Be Cruel." Gotta have something by New Edition/BBD/Johnny Gill/Ralph Tresvant/Bobby Brown.

At April 04, 2006 9:57 AM, Blogger Toya said...

I *do* have "Nite and Day" - Al B. Sure *had* to be represented. There's no Bobby on the iPod yet, though. I have to put at least one B. Brown song on there.


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