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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Living a life of integrity

I will admit that I watch way too much Starting Over. I'm highly amused by it - it's like The Real World for the older crowd - complete with bitchfests and petty arguments between housemates, but not nearly as much sex and drinking. And, of course, they throw Black Rhonda (AKA Iyanla) and White Rhonda into the bargain. I do like Dr. Stan, though. Anyway, I watch the show because I'm a reality TV junkie, but I don't particularly listen to any of the "advice" the life coaches dish out. But yesterday, something Rhonda said resonated with me. The group session was about integrity. And Rhonda said that, when one lives a life of integrity, one can then feel the power to state her truth, without apology and without defensiveness and unnecessary explanations. I like that - and I'm adopting it in my life. Yes, I am well aware that some concessions need to be made for the sake of tact and whatnot, but really, I'm getting very tired of watching my mouth so that I don't hurt other's feelings. It would be one thing if I was just saying things to be hurtful. But I am no longer willing to allow my own feelings to be hurt, just so I can spare others. In Bible study last night, Bishop reminded us that, while GOD wants us to be kind and considerate of others, He does not want us to allow ourselves to be abused. So, from today on - I'm living a life of integrity. I'm saying what I mean and standing in that truth. And if folks don't like what I have to say ... well, there's all kinds of things I could say to that, but I'm gonna keep this thing positive and let it end at that.


At February 10, 2006 8:08 AM, Anonymous rachel said...

I like it. I took a great workshop last year and one thing we discussed was living honestly, while also not 'bludgeoning people with the truth.' I strive for that balance. I also like the idea that people are adults and can handle their feelings-- because some people (women especially) are less-than-honest because they don't want to 'hurt someone's feelings', which is BS.


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