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Monday, January 23, 2006

The Sin of Envy

A couple weeks ago, I read The Kite Runner. It's a great book - heartbreaking, but powerful. If you haven't read it, you should. At one point in the novel, the protagonist's father tells him that the only "real" sin is theft - all the other sins are really just theft, in one way or another. For instance, murder is the theft of someone's life, lying means that you've stolen someone's right to the truth, etc. I like that idea and think it's a valid one. This past weekend, I went to a party and some high school-type shenanigans took place. (I had nothing to do with it - I wasn't even at that table!) Today, I was talking with some others about what had happened and we agreed that it all came down to envy. And, you know, of all things, envy is high up on my list of those things that irk the heck outta me. Not that I've never been envious - I'm human, of course I have. But I try so hard not to fall prey to it and this is why: It's pointless. We only get one life on this earth. What's the point of spending it wishing you had what someone else has? You're only going to be you - you cannot, by any means, be somebody else, not really. So, since you can only be you, I think it behooves us all to make the most of it. I'm telling you right now - I love being Toya. You hear me? I LOVE IT! And you know why? Because it's better than the alternative. You can either love yourself or hate yourself and I think love is the better option. I may not have what some others have, but what I do have is hella good: a home, a family that supports me even when they're giving me heck, a loving and patient husband, a healthy and beautiful daughter, my health, peace, joy in my heart, a forgiving spirit, and a life filled with laughter and dance. People who waste their entire lives coveting other people's things are miserable and sad. They will go to their graves having lived an unfulfilled life. Those consumed with envy are leeches - they just suck other folks dry, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially. It's really pitiful.


At January 24, 2006 4:32 PM, Anonymous rachel said...

I'm so curious about the high school shenanigans! I like what you write about envy, so true.


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