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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Amer's Café Hafla

Sunday, we danced at the Amer's Café Hafla. It was the first hafla Amer's has ever had and you could tell - they way overbooked, so there was not a seat to be found - including for the dancers. But that was okay - it gave us girls time to sit outside and chat and get the oh-so-talented Shannon to take great pics of us (see below for her most awesome photo of me!). I love dancing with these girls - no matter how frustrated I can get during rehearsal, things always turn out so well and we have so much fun. The hafla was great - I hear the food was yummy, but I didn't really get much of it - just some sauce on a pita, the dancing was fab and the lovely Damiena did a masterful job of planning and organizing. BTW, Damiena is so beautiful - that red hair is to die for! And we, the tribal girls, go such great compliments - several folks told us we were a welcome change of pace - nice! I signed my "autograph" for the first time - the hostess' sister had all the dancers sign her program booklet, and a little girl called me "Ma'am" (ugh) and said that we'd done a fabulous job. We even got a lead on a future gig out of it - yay! So, our first independent excursion went swimmingly. I know that Lisa would have been proud of us, particularly since this was the last time we will be using the name "Zahiya Tribal" to dance under. We did your name proud, Lisa Z. From now on, we will be known as "Kallisti Tribal". Lalalalalalalalalalalalaleee! (That would be zaghareet.)


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