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Friday, December 16, 2005

Randal ... you're HIRED!!!!

AAAAAHHHH!!! Can I even express how excited I am about this??? He deserved that win. And, might I add - he won fair and square. That is no slight against Rebecca. I like her. She's smart and capable and impresses me with her ability to face challenges without breaking a sweat. But she's also young and inexperienced and, like Randal said, she writes about businesses while he runs them. I would like to reply to all those journalists who are writing articles calling Randal selfish. Please feel free to use this quote: Suck it. I will say this and I mean it (you can agree or disagree) - please note that Trump has never asked any other Apprentice to share his/her title. All other Apprentices were White. Yet, he asked the first Black Apprentice if he would want to share his title. And Randal rightfully said "no." Please let it also be noted that Rebecca would have said no, too. I don't care what she says now. It's easy to say she would have shared when she knows darn well she isn't placed in that situation. She had no problem saying she was better than Randal when it came down to fighting for that number 1 spot. Asking Randal to make such a decision was an insult to him and a cowardly thing to do on Trump's part - he made Randal look like the bad guy. You know what? Trump can suck it, too.


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