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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Project Runway

I just realized that I didn't do a post on last week's episodes of Project Runway (one of my reality TV faves), so I'm copying here a post I wrote on a message board I frequent. Any other PR lovers out there? I have to say that my favorite so far is Nick. I love that he's a fashion design teacher who's finally pursuing his individual career in NYC. I hope he goes far. And that first dress that he made out of the muslin - it was a vision. I gasped when I saw it. I have to say that I love Santino. He's clearly the spawn of Satan, but the evilness is fun so far. And he has an amazing talent, so, if you can back up the bitchiness, then bitch on, Bitch. I'm not overly impressed with Chloe. I think the dress that she designed in the "Clothes Off Your Back" challenge was nice, but not spectacular. Then again, she had the least to work with, so that says a lot. I like Diana. She's such an adorable geek. And I really liked the idea of the magnet dress and found it quite interesting and innovative. Hopefully, she'll be able to use magnets in her future designs without the polarity issues. Andrae - Drama Queen. I'm so sorry you lost your boutique, hon, but your sob story has no place on the runway. Either design a decent garment or get the heck off the show. I feel sorry for Daniel Franco. He's so desperate. I think he'll have a coronary if he's eliminated. Fortunately, he has plenty of talent and, if he can figure out a way to do nicely tailored garments within the timeframe, I think he'll be able to go pretty far. Emmett scares me. That is all. I would smack Guadalupe in the mouth. She irks. Zulema is a bitch - and not in a good way. I am so sick of the Black bitch stereotype on reality TV. Give it a rest. And the fact that the dress didn't cover the model's ass - inexcusable. She should have been auf'ed.


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