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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

To Cynthia Cooper

Hi Cynthia, I'm so glad you found my blog! Welcome! I have a few different textures of hair on my head: I have a looser curl on the crown, a tighter curl in the back, and in the front - it's very tight and kinky. I have found that Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner is wonderful - it works on all the textures. From the name of it, you would think that it only works on loose, spiral-y curls, but it's not the truth. For the looser curls, it provides moisture and definition, for tighter or kinkier hair, like yours and mine, it softens and stretches the hair so that the curls are more definied and the hair is easier to manage and style. I really recommend it. You can purchase it at My wardrobe isn't as all that extensive as it sounds. My suggestion is that you find classic bottoms that work for several different seasons - well made pieces. I have basic bottoms: black pants, cream pants, brown pants, black skirts, gray skirts, denim skirts. I also have a few fun printed skirts (I love skirts). Then, I fill in the rest of my wardrobe with fun tops - tops are much cheaper than bottoms and you can really address the trends of the season through your tops without spending much money. You can find fun, trendy tops at places like H&M and Target - they won't break your bank and you always look up-to-date. Besides which, accessories will always add a different look to a plainer outfit. The right jewelry, shoes and purse will make any outfit look chic. I like to look for really unique pieces that I don't think other people will have. And make-up ... well, make-up is a huge part of my life. I am a make-up artist, after all. You know what? It doesn't take long for me to make-up my face, at all. I can get my face done in five minutes, with the kid hanging off my leg and the husband telling me something inconsequential while staring at me in the mirror. That comes from practice. But, if you want to look polished, you really don't have to do much: concealer under your eyes so you don't look tired, dust powder over, mascara to open up your eyes, a really nice rosy blush, and lip gloss. That's it - you will always look fresh and pretty. Give it a try. And if you want recommendations, let me know!


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