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Friday, November 25, 2005

Survivor: "Everything Is Personal"

You know what, Steph? I'd been slowly losing love for you these past few weeks, but last night, my slow loss of love became full-blown hate. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is a bitchy woman with a huge sense of entitlement. And that's what you've become. I liked you in the beginning because I thought it was cool that you got another chance to win Survivor since, in the last season, you were stuck with the tribe from hell and weren't given a fair shake. But, okay, this time? You are darn lucky to even be here and yet you act as if everybody there owes you their loyalty or something. Xhakum is not your personal fiefdom, bitch. Yes, Lydia is a whiner and annoys the heck out of me, but she was totally within her right to take your behind out of the reward challenge. I would have done it, too. You have won more than your share of rewards and she's won none. It makes sense to knock out the strongest player. If you're as great a player as you think you are, you would have reacted with class and grace, not with threats and eye rolls. Could you be any more high school? I am so glad that Gary told the rest of them that it's clear that they're all kissing your ass - he's right. If they're smart, they'll get rid of you next week, but I'm quite sure that they're not that smart. Speaking of Gary, good on him for outing Judd as the big fat liar that he is. Yes, Gary's a liar. But so are you, jerk. Opening your eyes as wide as they'll go and getting loud while saying "man" every 1.2 seconds doesn't make you any more truthful. You lied and you got busted. Good. It would be so great if Survivor had a double eviction and you and Stephenie got told to stick your torches where the sun don't shine. I'm quite sure that Bobby Jon would be more than happy to share the losers' bench with the both of you.


At November 25, 2005 5:22 PM, Anonymous koz said...

This may be the first time in reality tv history that I agree 100 percent with your opinions. Yay.

Seriously, LOVED Gary for outing him and was so disappointed in Steph. :(

p.s. What the heck's happening next week?! I gotta check my spoilers!


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