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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tonight's hafla

Tonight, I went to the hafla at Lisa Zahiya's. It was awesome!!! I had such a good time. We danced to "Thriller." How fun is that? (Yes, I do still love Michael Jackson, even though the whole world thinks he's a perv.) Amy, Lisa, Rebecca and another girl (I think her name was Lisa, too) did fire dancing, while the rest of us stood close to the bonfire. Brooke's husband made a comment about us being "flame-free booty." I guess that's good, as opposed to "flame-grilled booty." Ha! I drank several cups of hot mulled cider - yum! I think I'm gonna make some for the Sista Circle Fall Fiesta. I'm bored - Vic and I were supposed to go to the Morroccan Masquerade tonight, but he has a headache, so home we stayed. I'm starting to feel a little sleepy, actually, so I think I'll be going up to bed soon. It's chilly in here tonight but I don't want to turn the heat up - if I'm too warm, I can't sleep.


At October 31, 2005 8:42 AM, Blogger Zahiya said...

I had so much fun too! I like the flame grilled booty!


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