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Thursday, September 01, 2005

We must do all we can.

I am sad today because I've been watching the reports of the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. My blog is usually lighthearted and fun and it will be again, but right now, we need to talk seriously. Help is needed, Family. I refer to you as Family because that's what you are, whether you are my blood relative or not. Now is not the time to place blame, point fingers or moralize. Now is the time for love. Now is the time for compassion. Now is the time to pull together every ounce of kindness left in your heart. Now is the time for action. Do what you can, whatever you can. If you are a medical professional and you can afford to take time away from your job, home or family, please volunteer to help. If you aren't a trained professional, but just want to help in any way possible, please donate to the Red Cross or another worthy organization. I know we all want to send clothes, food, etc., but right now, money is what's needed. Money can be transferred into any goods that the survivors need. It's going to cost an astronomical amount of money to help those affected by this tragedy. Whatever little bit you can spare will help. The Red Cross takes donations as low as $5. I know you can afford that. Take your lunch to work tomorrow, rather than buying it and donate that money to the relief effort. Please help them. If you were the one in this position, you would pray that others would help you.


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