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Thursday, September 08, 2005

All hail the Queen of the Comeback and the King of Snark!

All hail, Janelle, Queen of the Comeback! How sweet was that victory???? Girl has skills beyond belief. I love her! She is so much smarter than she appears and than any of the other houseguests (minus maybe Kayser and Howie) gave her credit for. She deserves to win this game now. I would say that Maggie is the best player for her ability to make all of the Friendsheep drink her Kool-Aid and choose her as their messiah, but Maggie believes her own hype. She totally thinks that she's been perfectly honest and good through the entire game and cannot see that she is a hateful bitch. So, she doesn't deserve to win. If she were doing her dirty deeds in the full knowledge that she was evil, she'd earn my respect. But now? Not so much. On the other hand, there's Janelle. She is a bitch and wears the title with pride. She's never pretended to like people she doesn't like and she's never pretended to be either innocent or particularly nice. She's just kicked ass and taken names. She's played this entire game balls to the wall and I love that. I (heart) her, even with her ratty extensions. And then there's James - the King of Snark. He earned his way into my heart when he decided to spend his time in the sequester house making Jenn miserable. She deserves every second of torture he inflicts on her. You got rid of Kayser and this is how you're repaid. Suck it, Jenn (since I know you're so good at that)! BTW, I want to take this time to make a public apology to Ivette's girlfriend, Maggie A.K.A. Tushie. You are not as ugly as sin. That was just an awful picture of you. I actually think you're attractive, maybe even slightly cute. And I like your curls. I still feel sorry for you that you have to deal with Ivette, though. To each her own, I guess.


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