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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Yesterday's Classes

So, yesterday, I did two classes at El Mishaal. Of course, my usual Tuesday night Intermediate Bellydance class. Last night we worked on a drum solo. It was great fun. Lotus gave us tips on presentation - we were directed to "primp" for the beginning of the song, which allows us a chance to catch our breath after our opening piece and personalizes us for the audience. I thought that was a great tip. And "primping" in front of the full-length mirror did my diva heart good. After that, I attended the Latin Dance Nightclub Basics class. I'm going to add this to my schedule. It was unbelievably fun and I got to wear my new sexy girl silver open-toe Capezio ballroom dance shoes! Mrowr! Don't hate . . . appreciate! Last night, we did the salsa and the bachata. Both fun, though I have to say that I like salsa a tiny bit more because of all the hip-swiveling involved. I like this class because, not only does Lotus teach us the steps, but she also tells the students about the variations each Latin country/region (e.g. Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic, etc.) put into the dance, noting that Puerto Ricans tend to be a little "nastier" when doing the bachata. Ha! I love this class - I feel equipped to go dancing at the Latin Palace now! I wonder if I could talk Vic into it? Something tells me . . . no.


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